Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

A community that is enjoying a decent life in a green environment, free of hunger, poverty, and disease, where the most vulnerable are supported to attain self-sustainability.

Our Mission

The mission of Reach Out Nkokonjeru HIV/AIDS Initiative (RONHAI) is to promote sustainable community livelihoods through: income and food security, environmental conservation, good health, and vulnerable family support.

The mission of this organisation is based on the following Principles:

  1. to heal in order to promote life to the fullest. This includes treatment, prevention, empowerment, and education.
  2. to promote quality health care for those in the Buikwe district suffering from HIV/AIDS – especially vulnerable social groups and the financially destitute.
  3. to show respect for human dignity as a guidance for all, without distinctions of ethnic origin, social status, religion, or political affiliation.
  4. to work in a professional way and in a spirit of total dedication and transparency to address the holistic health of vulnerable groups
  5. to increase farmers’ livelihoods through sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation