Scholarships for orphans and vulnerable children

In partnership with Seek for Hope in Austria, RONHAI help to run a scholarship program for children in need of support.

Current Situation / Background

The government of Uganda is provides Universal Primary and Secondary Education, however government schools are not offering quality education as compared to private schools. Some parents are unable to pay school fees and for requirements like books, pencil, lunch and uniforms for their children.


In 2016 a scholarship project was initiated by our friend Andrea in Austria. Andrea looks for sponsors abroad who are willing to support children of the community by paying school fees, buying shoes, uniforms, scholastic materials, etc.

Current status and further actions

Currently there are 75 children under the sponsorship program. The number increased by 50% from 2016.

In addition to the financial support for school fees, a special grant is given to some children from families headed by women. This special grant is in the form or a goat which the family is randomly selected to receive. The parents or guardian come to the office to receive it as a support to their family income.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please contact us. More information can be found on our Facebook page:

Additional information (in German) is also available on the Austrian website: